About YayDayz®

Our company

YayDayz® is a calendar that has all those important dates and more (a holiday for every single date), allowing you to celebrate every day like you should!

Every day is represented with a real holiday that has been cross-referenced and verified by at least two independent sources. That's 365 days filled with reasons to celebrate (366 in leap years)! Never miss National Doughnut Day or International Talk Like a Pirate Day again! 

YayDayz® started (coincidentally enough) during the holidays of 2015.  Melinda Wharton provided her closest friends and family members with a calendar, which took her a full (also, coincedentally) year to pain-stakingly create. It was so popular among those friends that YayDayz® was launched to provide the same level of joy to you and your closest friends and family members.


“Today is Trivia Day. Did you know my sister gave me this awesome calendar with all the random days printed on it? By the way, Friday is Bubble Bath Day... Okay, if I must. Note to self: figure out what buttercrunch is before Jan 20.

Jennifer M.

“I think it's AWESOME!!

Sarah D.